Saturday, September 4, 2010

Tamer Hosny is singing “Hotel California “

When Idiots Succeed !


believe it or not but it happened , tamer hosny is singing in English after the big success in Arabic singing !

our idiot chose to sing “Hotel California” from all the English classics , to show us that he can sing like the eagles , i liked my friend comment on this disaster  “the first step of classics distortion after we have lost the ability of every beautiful damn thing we could make” by hassan.

i don’t know why did tamer choose to sing in English? but whatever his reasons , it is not acceptable , i can't imagine Eminem is singing in Arabic ! , but let us think in different way; why tamer succeeded in the first place ? , it can’t be his chest hair ! , what if we can analyze tamer fans ? what we would get? ,i can’t deny that i listened to tamer songs , and i really liked some of them , but this guys is pushing us to the limits because of his lyrics ! . lets back to the fans , after i did the analysis , i categorized the fans to three levels :


Level Type Description
1 absolute supporters tamer hosny is their god father ; they admire every thing about him , his clothes, hair style , …. etc. in addition to every peace of paper he wrote or sang it , plus the 100 poster in their rooms , and some of them went to support tamer in court ! and  attend every concert for him
2 Songs Only they don’t like tamer as a person , but they like every song for him and it remind them with some emotional events in their lives and  they may go to some concerts.
3 Moderate they like some songs , they don’t care about attending tamer concerts , they are just having fun in the car while they are driving or while they are working.


is tamer stoppable ?

according to my analysis there are too many people in level 1 even from my relatives , so this guy is not stoppable in the near future , let us pray that tamer wont sing “je suis malade- French ” or  “caruso – italian ”


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