Friday, September 3, 2010

Do you still have your EX on your facebook account?

don’t ask me why i wrote this ? i keep my reasons for me. but i did  a lot of surveys  and i found that most of us leave his/her EX on facebook account!

here are some reasons :

1- love can turn to friendship:

what i can say about this reason is : liars , liars  ,liars ,liars ,liars , liars .
love can’t turn to friendship , your father cant be your sister !! so as love cant turn to friendship

2- curiosity
most of us are curios what is happening with the others whatever they are to them.

3- i don’t delete a friend form facebook
some said that , they don’t delete a friend from their account whatever happened , but to show him/her that they are upset , they just give them an access to their limited profile.

So What a bout you ?



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Mahitab said...

I guess the most proper answer is (2) CURIOSITY!! but people prefer disguising this main reason in different outfits like (1) & (3) !