Friday, August 20, 2010

Eminem Recovery

Eminem is not kidding ! , this guy writes almost all of his songs , in some way the song touches you, The last album Eminem released is recovery! , you can't say anything but wow , the most interesting thing in Eminem is that he can choose his topics , he is not singing bla bla bla bla love , he talks about Iraq war , bad relationships with his mother , recover from addiction ,careers effect on the family ,  ...etc.

i hope that in Egypt we can find something that is similar to Eminem , Ahmed Mekky is a great start in the Arabic rap , also MTM is trying. i don't want to hear Arabic songs talking about loooooove  any more  , for god sake life is not about love only !! , video clips sucks , a lot of sexuality content nothing interested !!!! ,

there is also a light of hope like hamza numera , maher zain , sami youssef , and even black theama.

Amr Diab "The Montain" is not telling us any useful shit! , he is working on his muscle more than he works on his songs, the same thing for tamer hosni , they killed all the topics of love songs , their religious songs suck , you simply cant feel any thing while they are signing , the melody and the lyrics can meet in hell !!! ,  bad lyrics and bad melody and they are not serving the song at all

here is a list of songs that i recommend you to hear :

1- i love the way you lie - Recovery
2- i'am not afraid - Recovery
3- Space Bound - Recovery
4- when i am gone -  Curtain Call: The Hits

Listen and Enjoy

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