Friday, August 20, 2010

Rihab City is not what you think !

a couple of friends visited me in rehab , they came to have a walk and "sohor" , we were celebrating Ramadan days, they told me that Ramadan hasn't come yet to rehab , people is not giving a shit about any religious activities, actually i was sad because i looked at the people and i felt so shame ! what happened ?! is this the end!

my friends left , and it was too late and there wasn't much time till "fajar" so i decided to pray in the mosque . guess what ! it was like a Friday prayer ! , the mosque is almost full ,and there was competition in the mosque about remembering the last six discussed "hadeth" , the winner was a kid ! , did you believe we still have good people , the good will remain in this nation till The Day of Resurrection.

Start be your self first and every thing will change , we should keep trying till the last drop of our blood ,   people don't lose hope please, and please before making any judgments be sure that you can the see the things from more than one point of view

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