Friday, August 27, 2010

We were developers

Are you a computer science graduate ?

If so , here is the truth; our education in Egypt don't allow us to be a computer scientist! . i have never had the lecture that supposed to tell you "What Computer Scientists do ?" , it is supposed to be the first lecture in a reputable computer science faculty, any way forget about this lecture.

the software industry in Egypt is as follows:
  1. The Clients:  group of idiots that think you are doing the impossible or some magic for them.
  2. Software house companies:  group of idiots that have some information about the field , well you can say "dummies" not idiots , working without any standards or organized process

i don't mean that there are no reputable software companies in Egypt , there are but few. 

where is the problem? 

most of software engineers become plumbers !!, we used to develop like the plumber , he also used to plumb ! ! , we don't think before we develop . we are not working on the science any more !! , most of us googling all the day for examples !!. 

Another problem , when government created scholarships for any graduate to learn programming , they totally missed up !!!, they are teaching tooooooools not science , so you can hear some one saying "i am studding .Net right now" , what the hell is that !
i remembered a discussion between me and a friend , we were talking about MVC , he was telling me that MVC makes websites too slow, and there are some kind of web applications  that cant be implemented  using this design pattern , can you imagine that !!! , we were discussing a topic that was closed in the seventies.

another problem , employers don't know the right qualifications to hire a software engineer , most of the employers  are focusing on the experience  !! , big shit , experience  can be useful , but without science! , you have just hired a new plumber!

i dont mean that learning new tools is not something good, but learning based on knowledge and science is much better

There are hot topics in  science that can be useful to the business , science is created to solve problems , real life problems , guys if we didn't keep up with the science not the tool we will be obsolete and we will say


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